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i don't care lyrics-_-2NE1

hey playboy
its about time
and your time's up
I had to do this one for my girls you know
sometimes you gotta act like you don't care
that's the only way you boys learn

oh oh, 2NE1
oh oh, 2NE1

ni otgise mudeun ripseutigeun naneun jeoldaero yongseomotae
maeil harue sushipbeon kkeojyeoinneun haendeupon
byeonhaji anheulgeotman gata oh oh

geujeo chinguraneun sumanheun yeojachingu
nal ttokgachi saenggakhajima I want let it bye
ije nimamdaerohae nan miryeoneul beorillae
hanttae jeongmal saranghaenneunde oh

gakkeumsshik sure chwihae jeonhwalgeoreo jigeumeun saebyeok daseosshiban
neon tto dareun yeojaui ireumeul bulleo no

I don't care geumanhallae niga eodieseo mwol hadeon
ije jeongmal sanggwan anhalge bikyeojulla
ijewa ulgobulgo maedallijima
cause I don't care e e e e e
I don't care e e e e e

cause I don't care e e e e e
I don't care e e e e e
Boy I don't care

dareun yeojadeurui darireul humchyeoboneun
niga neomuneomu hanshimhae
maeil ppaenonneun keopeulling na mollae han sogaeting
deoisang motchameulgeotgata oh oh oh

neon jeoldae aniraneun sumanheun nauichingu
neon neukdaeran chingudeulkkaji tailleotjiman
charari holgabunhae neoege nan gwabunhae
nae sarangira mideonneunde oh oh

oneuldo bappeudago malhaneun neo hoksina jeonhwahaebwatjiman
yeoksi dwieseon yeoja useumsoriga deullyeo oh no

I don't care geumanhallae niga eodieseo mwol hadeon
ije jeongmal sanggwan anhalge bikyeojullae
ijewa ulgobulgo maedallijima
cause I don't care e e e e e
I don't care e e e e e

cause I don't care e e e e e
I don't care e e e e e
Boy I don't care

nan neottaeme ulmyeo jisaedeon bameul gieokhae boy
deo huhoehal neol saenggakhani mami swiwonne boy
nal nochigin akkapgo gatgien shishihajannni
isseulttae jalhaji neo wae ijewa maedallini

sogajun geojitmalmanhaedo subaekbeon
oneul ihuro nan namja ullineun bad girl
ijen nunmul hanbangul eobsi neol biuseo
sarangiran geim sok loser
mureupkkurko jabeul su inni
anim nun apeseo dangjang kkeojyeo

I don't care geumanhallae niga eodieseo mwol hadeon
ije jeongmal sanggwan anhalge bikyeojullae
ijewa ulgobulgo maedallijima
you know I don't care e e e e e
I don't care e e e e e
cause I don't care e e e e e
I don't care e e e e e
Boy I don't care

2NE1 members profile

Korean pop group 2ne1 members’ personal profiles.


2ne1 member CL picture
Real name: Lee Chae-rin (Hangul: 이채린 | Hanja: 李債潾)
DOB: February 26, 1991
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 162cm | Blood type: A

Group leader.
Featured in Uhm Jung-hwa’s DJ (2008) before 2ne1′s group debut.
Featured in Dara’s Kiss (2009).
Featured in G-Dragon’s The Leaders (2009).
Duet with Minzy in Please Don’t Go (2009).

Park Bom

2ne1 member Park Bom picture
Real name: Park Bom (박봄)
DOB: March 24, 1984
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 165cm | Blood type: AB

Solo in You and I (2009).
Featured in GD&TOP’s Oh Yeah (2010).


2ne1 member Dara picture
Real name: Sandara Park (산다라 박)
DOB: November 12, 1984
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Height: 162cm | Blood type: A
Elder sister of Thunder, member of boy band MBLAQ.

Debut as an actress (2004) in the Philippines before joining 2NE1.
Starred in Korean drama Return of Iljimae (2007).
Solo in Kiss (2009).


2ne1 member Minzy picture
Real name: Gong Min-ji (Hangul: 공민지 | Hanja: 龔民持)
DOB: January 18, 1994
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 161cm | Blood type: O

Group maknae.
Duet with CL in Please Don’t Go (2009).

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Mir -
- The younger brother of Korean actress Go Eun Ah
- Didn’t have to audition to get in MBLAQ, because JTUNE’s CEO is his brother in law
- Used to do farming before he debuted
- Likes to make people smell his feet.
- Likes to hold his fart all day until he releases it and smells. x)
- Wants to have his own fragrance line
- Has said that he has to wear/use everything that his fans give him because they use their allowance for the sake of the celebrities.
- Once sold a cow in order to pay for a date with his girlfriend.
- Mir shares a room with Seungho, Joon, and his manager
- Has a fear of needles!
- Believes that, when you go to Japan, you must buy a certain type of magazines to get in tune with the culture.
- Favorite color is brown
- Favorite food is chicken stir fry
- Favorite cartoon are One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Psyren, Monster and Anime of Hayao Mizaki

- He is Dara’s baby brother
- Joined J.Tune, Mblaq last and only had a few months to catch up before debut.
- He has a very straight posture.
- Grew up in the Philippines.
- He has only one Double eye lid (left eye)
- Loves Meat
- He speaks English,Korean and Tagalog
- No Girlfriend Since Birth
- Takes Care of his skin a lot (lemona/vitamin C)
- He is a former Loen Entertainment trainee
- Used to play the violin
- Knows how to play the piano
- He invented a gag called “awkward gag”
- Has a funny sleeping habit of kicking while sleeping
- Afraid of spiders
- Get’s sleep paralysis like Dara which is why his Joon hyung worries and sometimes sleep next to him
- He had a difficulty adjusting to Korea’s weather because he lived in a tropical country before – debut.
- He’s used to eating in small proportions so he doesn’t gain weight easily.
- He’s really ticklish
- Learned to do somersaults and backflips on Raising Idols.
- 2ne1 calls Thunder Mr. Dog Poop. As popularized by his noona.
- Master of Voice imitations.

G.O -
- Cleanfeak.
- Takes a bath for an hour
- Loves to cook
- Has been in 11 relationships.
- Before he was in MBLAQ, he was in a trio gorup called ‘Tykeys’
- Has a weird sleeping habit. His head can touch his back. At a 90deg. angle.
- Known as the “ajusshi” in the group because of his (ex) facial hair, matured face
- Auditioned in Jtune with the facial hair but was told to come back and shave it off. but then he was told to grow it back again
- When he was younger, he peed in his sister’s room
- He is lefthanded
- Has an abundant amount of chest hair

- Only MBLAQ member that uses his real name
- Supposed to use ‘Mir’ as his stage name at first.
- He always licks his lips
- Learned Gymnastics, Hapkido, and Judo.
- Knows how to play the piano, guitar, draw, beatbox, breakdance, and can do card tricks.
- He used to perform on plays during his younger years
- He was the Class President (even School Captain) all throughout high school.
- He can easily fall asleep in a matter of seconds
- He can use chopsticks with both hands
- He and Soyeon (T-ara) are best friends in real life. They have known each other for 8 years because they went to the same high school
- The other members (mainly Joon) stated that he can fix anything. When something breaks or stops working, Seungho’s the man to go to.
- Good at soccer.
- He likes woman who is good in cooking, pretty and kind. A perfect woman
- He can impersonate the error in the computer
- He’s scared of rats

- He used to train as a dancer, especially in ballet.
- He almost burned his house down and sent his sister to the emergency room, all in an attempt to recreate scenes from Home Alone.
- He still fails at the multiplication table, even after getting a 100,000 won tutor.
- The only line remembers from Ninja Assassin is “You shouldn’t do that.”
- He is very sensitive and cried when there was a hidden camera prank on him in Idol Army.
- On Hyunyoung’s Music Part radio show, Joon said that he once jumped down from the second floor of a building in his school’s adventure club. He didn’t get hurt. So he tried again from the third floor. And once again, he didn’t get hurt!
- He has to be everyone’s number one, or else he tends to pester the person asking, “WHY? WHY? WHY? I’ll change it for you!”
- When he has his hair up in a bun, it usually means he didn’t wash his hair.
- He does aegyo effortlessly, even when he’s half asleep.
- When you catch him off guard, he stutters.
- He doesn’t wash his body; he only shampoos his hair and lets it run down onto his body.
- He didn’t know that there is no time difference between Korea and Japan.
- His first kiss happened when his noona dragged him to the roof